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POODLE VARIETY is universally recognized as the world’s leading Poodle magazine. Since 1977, we have continuously covered the entire world of breeding, exhibiting and keeping show and performance Poodles. Each of the four yearly issues (including the huge annual Stud Dog and Handlers issues) averages over 100 pages with over 125 photos (many in full color) of Poodles from around the world.

In 2012 POODLE REVIEW was incorporated into POODLE VARIETY, bringing all Poodle fanciers together. POODLE VARIETY is now the undisputed leader in Poodle readers and advertisers worldwide. More Poodles are pictured in POODLE VARIETY than any other publication on earth.

POODLE VARIETY satisfies the Poodle community’s desire for a quality, information-loaded magazine catering specifically to Poodles. This magazine is a forum where Poodle fanciers can exchange ideas and opinions freely. One of the most important features of POODLE VARIETY is the balance it provides its readers on a variety of issues. 

POODLE VARIETY brings you articles and features on the following topics on a regular basis:
• Health issues relating to Poodles
• Grooming
• Show, agility and obedience training
• Show reports from America’s major Poodle events as well as from all other parts of the world
• Rescue activities
• Articles and statistics on top winners and producers
• Interviews with top breeders, exhibitors and judges
• Special features on Poodles in other countries
• Judges’ critiques from the biggest specialty shows
and lots of beautiful advertisements of beautiful Poodles!

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POODLE VARIETY is published four times per year.

We look forward to sharing POODLE VARIETYwith you.

Patrick Guilfoyle, Publisher & Editor

Poodle Variety has had the same publisher longer than any other Poodle magazine in the world. We thank our readers and advertisers for their support, decade after decade.

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