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Advertising is easy in Poodle Variety!
All you need to do is send us a photo, what you want to say, and payment and we do the rest to give you a
professionally designed custom ad
at no extra charge that presents your dog to its best advantage.

If you’ve seen and ad or typestyle in a previous issue that you’d like us to use as a guideline when setting up your ad, just give us the issue and page number and we’ll follow that example. Or, you can send us a very rough sketch of what you’d like when you mail your photo. If you are not sure about the wording for your ad, just send us all the information you’d like included and we’ll word it properly for you (after 40 years of doing this, it comes pretty easily to us!).


  • Black & white full page, incl. one photo $160*
  • Color full page, inclu. one photo $360*
  • Color One-Half page, incl. photo $200
  • Background Color with black & white photo, extra $75
  • Black & white One-Half page, incl. photo $95
  • Additional black & white photos, each $25
  • Additional color photos, each $50
  • Classifieds/Litterbox, $35-web, $20-magazine
  • Photo manipulation (delete background, shadows, etc) $60/hr.
  • Front Cover (color only) Rates on request
  • Back Cover (color only) $750
  • Inside front cover (color only) $500
  • Preferred pages 2-20, extra per page $100
    Preferred pages 21-30, extra per page $75
    (color only)
  • please call (323) 717-3174 or e-mail [email protected] for reservations.

    *See next column for discounted rates.

Special Issues
Advertising Deadlines

Deadline Jan. 30, mailing date late March.
This issue will be mailed before and be available at the April PCA National Specialty. Your ad in this issue will make sure your dog is not “lost in the crowd” in the big PCA entry.

With handlers sections of at least eight pages, we’ll give a free, specially designed lead page.


Deadline May 30, mailing date late June.
Use this issue to showcase your dog’s
PCA success at the most competitive
Poodle show there is.

Deadline Aug. 1, mailing date late September. Special reduced rates of $300 for all color pages (save $60) and $150 for all black & white pages (save $10) for all advertisers.
– OWNER-HANDLERS: Special feature with articles focusing on owner-handlers. Take this opportunity to showcase your owner-handler successes.
– COLOR: Special feature with articles focusing on Apricot, Red, Brown, Café au Lait, Silver, Blue, Silver Beige and all other solid-colored Poodles of all sizes.
– PERFORMANCE: Special feature on all categories of performance dogs - obedience, agility, rally, hunting & field work, tracking and more.


Deadline Oct. 23
mailing date approximately Dec. 20.

All dogs are eligible for 1/3 page including one photo, three-generation pedigree and 25 words of copy plus name and address. New black & white stud listings are $55, repeats are $50. Full color stud listings are $100. Discounts available for owners submitting four or more of their own stud dogs (please call for info). Full-page ads are at the regular rates. All paid subscribers can submit a free listing to be included in our annual Breeders Directory. Don’t be left out of the issue that’s used as a reference all year long.


Mail subscriptions, invoice payments, editorial material & inquiries to:
Poodle Variety
101½ S Westover Drive

Monroe, NC 28112
Tel: (323) 717-3174
Regular business hours
e-mail: [email protected]

Mail advertising materials and payments (credit card information or checks made payable to Poodle Variety) to:
Chris Baker - Poodle Variety
156 Bobwhite Circle
Cape Carteret, NC 28584
or e-mail to: [email protected]

1. POODLE VARIETY is produced on a Mac platform utilizing InDesign as our publishing program; therefore, it is of little use to us if your ad was created on your PC other than for us to re-create it. Our magazine trim size is the standard 8-1/2" x 11". The "live" image area should be 7-1/2" x 10" except for bleeds. Allow 1/8" over the trim size for bleeds. Be sure to allow gutter room for perfect binding as well as trim.
2. Computer media and print media are NOT the same! What looks excellent on a computer screen can end up looking pretty bad once it's printed. We can work with almost all photos—be they snapshots, Polaroids or digital photos. We will reject any photos which will not reproduce well—too dark, too grainy, too out of focus. Photos should be scanned at 300 dpi at the approximate size they will be printed in the magazine and saved as JPEGs if you are e-mailing them to us or TIFFs if you are sending them on a CD. When e-mailing photos, please attach just one photo per e-mail. We have a large selection of typefaces available, but include typefaces if they are part of your logo or absolutely necessary to your design treatment.
3. We reserve the right to edit your ad to make it conform to Poodle Variety’s specs. If submitting it "camera ready" and it is not properly prepared, we may have to make some changes.
4. If sending in "printer ready," it MUST be editable by us to correct typos or be certain that our printing specs are met.
5. If you are submitting the same ad to different publications, be sure the ad you send to Poodle Variety conforms to Poodle Variety’s specs.